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Welcome to our journey of going

from the "AMERICAN DREAM" to the "EPIC ADVENTURE."  

We're just a family on a mission to travel the world, make memories with our kids, meet amazing people and change how people view life and wellness.

May our journey to live a different life inspire you to reconsider what faith, wellness, health, and wealth really look like.

If you are looking for a TRIBE OF PEOPLE who want to LIVE LIFE DIFFERENTLY, with a company that is changing the face of MENTAL WELLNESS we're your peeps.   



Why Network Marketing?

We know Network Marketing isn't for everyone but for us there were too many benefits to overlook.

This is our full-time gig and and here are our reasons why:

  • The business plan is already laid out (seriously, there is no guesswork involved, the smart people already figured this stuff out for us.)

  • There is no other opportunity to become an entrepreneur with virtually no risk, no business loans (who wants to put on a suit and walk into a bank anyway?) or the consistent challenges associated with starting your own business (does laying awake at night worrying about all the things that could go wrong interest you?). They say you should have 7 streams of income and Network Marketing is a steady source of residual income in an unsure economy.

  • Duplicatable methods are lined out for us - from success stories, mentoring and leadership, training, and self-development - our company has provided everything you would ever need to succeed.

  • The self-development and mentoring that happens is something people spend thousands of dollars on and years searching for. (We benefit from a powerhouse team of coaches and leaders every. single. day.)

  • We feel really strongly about the company and mission we have aligned with (more about this below).


Why This Company?

There were a number of criteria we weighed when deciding if our company was the right fit:

1) Timing - the first and foremost thing we noticed was timing.  Our company is a category creator, they have stepped into an untouched market and the need for what we have has become so prevalent in our society today.  As they say timing is everything!

2) Tools - Not only does our company create the tools and assets their leaders need to succeed but one of our core values is innovation and that is apparent in all aspects of our business. 

3) Connection and Collaboration - Stepping into a community of humble servant leaders who cheer each other on from the sidelines has been an amazing feeling.  We feel like we've gone from the military family straight into a collaborative business family.

4) Direction - Our company is unbelievably ahead of the game.  We are doing what other companies only wish they had thought of sooner and we're leaving them in our dust.  Our scientific innovation has shaken up the holistic world and will continue to do so for the next generation of health.


Why Mental Wellness?

Mental Wellness is at the forefront of so many conversations these days.  

People are struggling, kids are struggling and we need to find safe solutions.  Our kids are worth it.

Celebrities are opening up about their struggles and articles everywhere are exposing the epidemic that is mental wellness.  

After personally searching for a safer, holistic alternative to medications, our friend introduced us to a line of supplements specifically designed for the Gut Brain Connection.  

(The Gut Brain what???)

But the supplements helped. A lot. And we knew that they were going to help a lot more people. 

We jumped into unknown territory, a brand new category that was shifting the game when it came to mental and physical health and we've never looked back.

If you'd like more info about our Mental Wellness Revolution contact us.